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The Phiroz Mehta Trust Autumn School 1997

From the Editor

We had an unusual Autumn School this year at Lillian Road. On the first day the heavens opened and it continued raining most of the day. In spite of this the atmosphere was very animated, much conversation took place and Professor Satoru Shinbo played his fruit-flute to us! We listened in the morning to a tape by Phiroz entitled “Stillness of Body and Mind” which included a meditation, and after lunch George Piggott gave us a very thought-provoking talk entitled “Why Are We Here?”, which was followed by a long and lively discussion.

The second day was quieter and the weather kinder. We heard a tape by Phiroz entitled “Deathlessness” and in the afternoon we had a very interesting lecture and demonstration by Bob Lee on “Posture”, of special interest to those of us with bad backs! We ended the day with another long discussion. Thus ended another happy and, one hopes, fruitful Autumn School.


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