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Objects of the Trust

From the Editor

The Phiroz Mehta Trust has been formed to promote the study and practice of the World’s Great Religions and the art of Religious Living which is truly Human Living, i.e. the art of living the ordinary everyday life virtuously, with a view to the well-being and fulfilment of oneself and all others.

It is not the purpose of the Trust to make converts or to establish a separate sect. It is, instead, to provide the facilities whereby each and every person can develop his or her own understanding and explore the pathways to truth in co-operation with others — for each person is unique. Thus all may return to their everyday lives having spiritually and mentally re-created themselves.

Towards fulfilling these objectives, the books and collection of recorded talks and lectures by Phiroz Mehta, together with his library of books on philosophy and all the religions, now housed by the Trust, are available for use by all who are interested.

The library contains over 650 books and about 1000 recorded talks.


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