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Reflections on the Trust Summer School 2010

By Ann Hellyer

It is difficult to put into words experiences that are deep and transformative, and garnering the insights afterwards takes time, but I can only say, that, for me, the Summer School was a deepening into something truer — something that can be lived, experienced and known. It was a further opening into the transcendent, which, while it is ‘ungraspable’, is undeniably true, and utterly real.

It is also difficult to put into words the impact of Phiroz’s talks, but as you listen to his words, you just know that something within is happening and occurring. In my experience, a deepening takes place, which was enhanced as we meditated together in the silence of the beautiful Blue Oasis Meditation room, and as we walked the Labyrinth, set amongst the beautiful arrangements of stones, shells, objects and colourful textiles, listening to the quiet and penetrating sounds of the music. I found that beauty itself takes us to the transcendent, if we are still.

The practice of noble silence deepened the whole experience, as we became aware of the deep stillness that surrounds us, and is within us all.

I came away from the Summer School not only restored but more deeply connected to the truths that Phiroz was speaking of. I can only describe it by saying that it brought me to a different way of being, a way of being far beyond our own agendas, beliefs and concepts, so I could begin to glimpse again that which is transcendent, and to understand that transcendence has its own movement.

I greatly enjoyed watching the DVD of Krishnamurti, and was very struck when he said to the interviewer, with great intensity, “Listen. Listen”. I took him to mean to listen in all manner of ways, but especially to listen to the truth of our being.

Waiting at Clapham Junction station on my return, I found I was not so caught up in outside phenomena, not so distracted and more centred and calm, wanting to know only that which is true and that which is real.

I was beginning to discover that real communion is very freeing, and it seemed to me that it is important to let transcendence itself do the work, but it somehow depended on me listening inwardly and having fidelity to the truth, if I can put it that way.

Now back home, I feel different and I am living differently. It was very subtle at first, but a gradual realisation came over me of something difficult to verbalise, yet undeniably true. I feel I am taking a step into something new, a newer way of being, into an even greater simplicity, where true freedom lies.

I have come to believe that the mystery that is within and around us all, that indivisible divinity, which is unborn and can never be taken away from us and has always been with us, really is within our reach.

I have been pondering on what would it mean to live the truth of what Phiroz is pointing us to moment by moment.

In loving gratitude to all those who took part and made the Summer School such an experience,

Ann Hellyer


Ann Hellyer has written a moving reflective article. A moment of realisation and the so called ‘Mystery’, is her true self. There being one totality. Thank you Ann.

‘Kingfisher’, 29th November 2010

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