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The Dilkusha Talks

Observing the Nature of AttentionGiven on 5th January 1969

Desire (I)Given on 11th May 1969

The ComforterGiven on 8th June 1969

The Infinite is not a Reward — It Is!Given on 22nd June 1969

CalmnessGiven on 6th July 1969

Just Be AwareGiven on 20th July 1969

Complete Relationship between Self and Not-SelfGiven on 17th August 1969

AnātmanGiven on 30th August 1969

Concepts and Percepts (I)Given on 31st August 1969

Concepts and Percepts (II)Given on 27th September 1969

The Nature of our Fundamental BeliefsGiven on 28th September 1969

The JhānasGiven on 12th October 1969

Living by a Transcendent EthicGiven on 26th October 1969

There is no AnnihilationGiven on 7th November 1969

Significance and Importance of Words (I)Given on 8th November 1969

Significance and Importance of Words (II)Given on 9th November 1969

Sorrow and SufferingGiven on 23rd November 1969

Perfect Understanding of SorrowGiven on 6th December 1969

FaithGiven on 20th December 1969

A New DecadeGiven on 3rd January 1970

The New Life-WaveGiven on 4th January 1970

Do We Lead the Good Life?: There is Nothing for “Me”Given on 18th January 1970

The Realization of TruthGiven on 31st January 1970

Children of the New Dawn (I)Given on 1st February 1970

The Heart Sutra (I)Given on 14th February 1970

PowerGiven on 21st March 1970

Speech and WordGiven on 26th April 1970

Creative EnergyGiven on 9th May 1970

The Sense of TranscendenceGiven on 24th May 1970

Anattā and AttāGiven on 6th June 1970

SensitivityGiven on 21st June 1970

Man’s Sorrows and Problems through the AgesGiven on 5th July 1970

The Relationship with IdeasGiven on 2nd August 1970

Defilements of the MindGiven on 16th August 1970

Being Free of the DefilementsGiven on 29th August 1970

“Progress”Given on 13th September 1970

Right Mindfulness (I)Given on 27th September 1970

Right Mindfulness (II)Given on 11th October 1970

“Show Me the Way to Transcendence”Given on 25th October 1970

Co-operation with NatureGiven on 8th November 1970

Growing into Our True ManhoodGiven on 21st November 1970

Man is still not Fully HumanGiven on 5th December 1970

The Zodiac (I)Given on 2nd January 1971

The Zodiac (II)Given on 16th January 1971

The Meaning of YogaGiven on 30th January 1971

The Basis of PurityGiven on 13th February 1971

One MankindGiven on 13th March 1971

Right EffortGiven on 28th March 1971

SaṃsāraGiven on 25th April 1971

Our TaskGiven on 8th May 1971

Making a Complete End of All IllGiven on 23rd May 1971

Sensitivity in ActionGiven on 6th June 1971

Body and MindGiven on 3rd July 1971

The Vehicle of Transcendent EnergyGiven on 4th July 1971

Have We Solved All Our Problems by Now?Given on 17th July 1971

Only One StepGiven on 18th July 1971

Mind Seeing ItselfGiven on 31st July 1971

Looking at the WordGiven on 1st August 1971

Man as an Animal and as a Religious BeingGiven on 11th September 1971

Regarding our NeighbourGiven on 12th September 1971

The Religious MindGiven on 25th September 1971

Religious Living (I)Given on 26th September 1971

Ownership of “Mind”Given on 9th October 1971

The MindGiven on 10th October 1971

Freeing Ourselves from SelfnessGiven on 24th October 1971

Realization of Truth is ChangelessGiven on 6th November 1971

Living ExperienceGiven on 7th November 1971

Karma (I)Given on 20th November 1971

Karma (II)Given on 21st November 1971

Mind: Psyche: Karma (I)Given on 4th December 1971

Mind: Psyche: Karma (II)Given on 5th December 1971

Being and BecomingGiven on 18th December 1971

Learning to BeGiven on 19th December 1971

Attend to the NowGiven on 1st January 1972

MemoryGiven on 2nd January 1972

By Grasping We Obstruct the AbsoluteGiven on 15th January 1972

Total AttentionGiven on 16th January 1972

The ElementsGiven on 29th January 1972

The VedasGiven on 30th January 1972

The Exploitation of the ElementsGiven on 12th February 1972

Let Things BeGiven on 13th February 1972

There is Nothing for MeGiven on 26th February 1972

An Island Called MyselfGiven on 27th February 1972

Attachment-Aversion to the ElementsGiven on 11th March 1972

Desire (II)Given on 12th March 1972

WisdomGiven on 25th March 1972

The Eternal NowGiven on 26th March 1972

DeathlessnessGiven on 8th April 1972

Self-PerpetuationGiven on 9th April 1972

The Pure StateGiven on 22nd April 1972

The Root DelusionGiven on 23rd April 1972

The Death of Entity-SelfGiven on 20th May 1972

DeathGiven on 21st May 1972

The Root of DualityGiven on 3rd June 1972

Love (I)Given on 4th June 1972

The Religious LifeGiven on 16th June 1972

The Body (I)Given on 30th June 1972

The Body (II)Given on 1st July 1972

The Body (III)Given on 2nd July 1972

The Body (IV)Given on 15th July 1972

The Body (V)Given on 16th July 1972

Sensitivity-Fulfilment (I)Given on 28th July 1972

Sensitivity-Fulfilment (II)Given on 29th July 1972

Violence (I)Given on 8th September 1972

Violence (II)Given on 9th September 1972

Violence (III)Given on 10th September 1972

Sensitive WatchfulnessGiven on 22nd September 1972

Problems and their ResolutionGiven on 23rd September 1972

Immaturity and MaturityGiven on 24th September 1972

“Appearances are Deceptive” (I)Given on 6th October 1972

“Appearances are Deceptive” (II)Given on 7th October 1972

Appearance and Reality — YogaGiven on 8th October 1972

The Goal (II)Given on 21st October 1972

The Goal (III)Given on 22nd October 1972

Historical Background to Hinduism and Buddhism (I)Given on 4th November 1972

Historical Background to Hinduism and Buddhism (II)Given on 5th November 1972

The Source of Man’s Conceptions of Spiritual HierarchiesGiven on 18th November 1972

The Idea of SpiritsGiven on 19th November 1972

Varuṇa and Indra (I)Given on 1st December 1972

Varuṇa and Indra (II)Given on 2nd December 1972

Varuṇa and Indra (III)Given on 3rd December 1972

Agni (I)Given on 16th December 1972

Agni (II)Given on 17th December 1972

Agni and SomaGiven on 29th December 1972

SomaGiven on 30th December 1972

Rituals: SomaGiven on 31st December 1972

Viśvakarman and Hiraṇyagarbha (I)Given on 12th January 1973

Viśvakarman and Hiraṇyagarbha (II)Given on 14th January 1973

Yama: Immortality (I)Given on 26th January 1973

Yama: Immortality (II)Given on 27th January 1973

Yama: Immortality (III)Given on 28th January 1973

Silence: ImmortalityGiven on 10th February 1973

The Silence: Dhyānas and SamāpattisGiven on 11th February 1973

Atharva-Veda and the UpaniṣadsGiven on 23rd February 1973

Atharva-Veda: Brahman—ĀtmanGiven on 24th February 1973

Atharva-Veda: Denudation of the MindGiven on 25th February 1973

Brahman-ĀtmanGiven on 10th March 1973

The UpaniṣadsGiven on 11th March 1973

Bṛihadāraṇyaka and Īśā UpaniṣadsGiven on 23rd March 1973

The Ātman: Neti, Neti: “The Imperishable”Given on 24th March 1973

Meditation (I)Given on 25th March 1973

Deliverance from Ill: DisciplineGiven on 7th April 1973

The Interdependence of Realization and DisciplineGiven on 8th April 1973

“Subjects” of Vedic Knowledge (I)Given on 4th May 1973

“Subjects” of Vedic Knowledge (II)Given on 5th May 1973

“Subjects” of Vedic Knowledge (III)Given on 6th May 1973

Yājñavalkya’s Discourse on Love (I)Given on 18th May 1973

Yājñavalkya’s Discourse on Love (II)Given on 19th May 1973

Yājñavalkya’s Discourse on Love (III)Given on 20th May 1973

Stillness of Body and Mind (I)Given on 15th June 1973

Stillness of Body and Mind (II)Given on 16th June 1973

Stillness of Body and Mind (III)Given on 17th June 1973

Meditation (II)Given on 13th July 1973

Freedom from Illusory Image-Making (I)Given on 14th July 1973

Freedom from Illusory Image-Making (II)Given on 15th July 1973

Right Care of the BodyGiven on 3rd August 1973

The Deep Significance of the BodyGiven on 4th August 1973

Karma and RebirthGiven on 4th August 1973

PsycheGiven on 5th August 1973

The Pulse of Creation: Life/Other LifeGiven on 8th September 1973

The Void (I)Given on 9th September 1973

What is the State of Communion which is the Fruit of Voidness?Given on 21st September 1973

Faith and TranscendenceGiven on 22nd September 1973

The Social Sense and its FruitionGiven on 23rd September 1973

Depression: VirtueGiven on 2nd November 1973

Let Life Come to FlowerGiven on 3rd November 1973

“Ignorance” — a New ViewGiven on 4th November 1973

Royal Wedding: Human and SpiritualGiven on 16th November 1973

Royal Wedding: True and Pure MindfulnessGiven on 17th November 1973

Purity of MindfulnessGiven on 18th November 1973

Christmas: A Holy Day (I)Given on 14th December 1973

Christmas: A Holy Day (II)Given on 15th December 1973

Christmas: A Holy Day (III)Given on 16th December 1973

“Come Unto Me and I Will Give You Rest” (I)Given on 11th January 1974

“Come Unto Me and I Will Give You Rest” (II)Given on 12th January 1974

“Come Unto Me and I Will Give You Rest” (III)Given on 13th January 1974

“I am the ‘I’ that has Given Up ‘I’”Given on 8th February 1974

The Meaning of AttentionGiven on 9th February 1974

Insight: Attention: CitGiven on 10th February 1974

Pleasure: Happiness: Communion (I)Given on 8th March 1974

Pleasure: Happiness: Communion (II)Given on 9th March 1974

An Extended MeditationGiven on 10th March 1974

Śūnyatā: EasterGiven on 5th April 1974

Easter, and the Task Before UsGiven on 6th April 1974

Eloi, Eloi, Lama SabachthaniGiven on 7th April 1974

Discussion of ProblemsGiven on 7th June 1974

SatiGiven on 8th June 1974

Love (II)Given on 9th June 1974

Mantra: Word of Power (I)Given on 5th July 1974

Mantra: Word of Power (II)Given on 6th July 1974

Karma and Rebirth: MeditationGiven on 7th July 1974

The Teachings of Religion are EsotericGiven on 2nd August 1974

Mindfulness — and the Obstacles to itGiven on 3rd August 1974

The Healing of the MindGiven on 4th August 1974

The Healing of the WorldGiven on 5th October 1974

The Healing of the PsycheGiven on 6th October 1974

Obstacles to Mindfulness (I)Given on 18th October 1974

Purification of MindGiven on 19th October 1974

Obstacles to Mindfulness (II)Given on 20th October 1974

The State of the World and its HealingGiven on 8th November 1974

Love (III)Given on 9th November 1974

Love (IV)Given on 10th November 1974

Past Memory: Present Attention (I)Given on 29th November 1974

Past Memory: Present Attention (II)Given on 30th November 1974

Past Memory: Present Attention (III)Given on 1st December 1974

“Music of the Spheres”: Transcendent Marriage of Heaven and EarthGiven on 13th December 1974

Transmutation by GeniusGiven on 14th December 1974

The Marriage Made in Heaven: Discord into ConcordGiven on 15th December 1974

Right PleasureGiven on 3rd January 1975

Pleasure: Destiny and FateGiven on 4th January 1975

Happiness: Destiny and FateGiven on 5th January 1975

The SelfGiven on 24th January 1975

The Influence of Religious Living on World ConditionsGiven on 25th January 1975

Life Rhythm in Love: The BrahmavihārasGiven on 26th January 1975

The Religious Life: The Human LifeGiven on 7th February 1975

Love: Transmuter and HealerGiven on 8th February 1975

Ways of Living the Religious LifeGiven on 9th February 1975

Living Religiously in the Worldly EnvironmentGiven on 28th February 1975

The Key to Living Religiously in the WorldGiven on 1st March 1975

Mindfulness is the KeyGiven on 2nd March 1975

The Condition of Supreme Communion (I)Given on 21st March 1975

The Condition of Supreme Communion (II)Given on 22nd March 1975

The SīlasGiven on 23rd March 1975

What Have We Realized?Given on 18th April 1975

State of CommunionGiven on 19th April 1975

Commonsense and Good SenseGiven on 20th April 1975

Modes of Awareness (I)Given on 9th May 1975

Are We Growing in Self-Knowledge?Given on 10th May 1975

The Fulfilment of ManGiven on 11th May 1975

Self-PreoccupationGiven on 13th June 1975

Implications of the Term “One Total Reality”Given on 14th June 1975

The One Total RealityGiven on 15th June 1975

Our Approach to and Understanding of the Religious LifeGiven on 4th July 1975

The Worldling and the ReligieuxGiven on 5th July 1975

What Do We Really Care For?Given on 6th July 1975

Signs and Implications of “Total Awareness” (I)Given on 25th July 1975

Signs and Implications of “Total Awareness” (II)Given on 26th July 1975

Total Attentiveness (I)Given on 27th July 1975

Right Thinking (I)Given on 15th August 1975

Right Thinking (II)Given on 16th August 1975

Right Thinking: Right MindfulnessGiven on 17th August 1975

The Meaning of “My Self”Given on 24th October 1975

What is Our Whole Being — the “Self”?Given on 25th October 1975

What is the “Self”?Given on 26th October 1975

Religiousness in ActionGiven on 14th November 1975

The True Cause of the Increasing Ill of the WorldGiven on 15th November 1975

Suṣupti: Immortality: Reality and the Healing of the MindGiven on 16th November 1975

SonshipGiven on 5th December 1975

The Healing of the MindGiven on 6th December 1975

The Perfected Holy OnesGiven on 7th December 1975

The Significance of AttentivenessGiven on 2nd January 1976

Perfect Attentiveness and the SensesGiven on 3rd January 1976

Caring for ReligionGiven on 4th January 1976

Yoga (I)Given on 23rd January 1976

The Reception and Transmission of EnergyGiven on 24th January 1976

This Holy Day — the Conversion of St. PaulGiven on 25th January 1976

Life-Rhythm (I)Given on 6th February 1976

PrānāyāmaGiven on 7th February 1976

Life-Rhythm (II)Given on 8th February 1976

Right Attentiveness: Response: TransformationGiven on 20th February 1976

The Importance of AttentivenessGiven on 21st February 1976

The Implications of Total AwarenessGiven on 22nd February 1976

StrivingGiven on 12th March 1976

Death: Unification: LoveGiven on 13th March 1976

Death: Perfector, Liberator, ConsummatorGiven on 14th March 1976

The World State Depends on Children’s Upbringing (I)Given on 26th March 1976

The Family and the IndividualGiven on 27th March 1976

Each is a Receptor and Transmitter of Transcendent EnergiesGiven on 28th March 1976

The World State Depends on Children’s Upbringing (II)Given on 9th April 1976

Hui-Neng: Sudden EnlightenmentGiven on 10th April 1976

ZenGiven on 11th April 1976

The Religious Approach to Disaster, Illness and Death (I)Given on 7th May 1976

The Religious Approach to Disaster, Illness and Death (II)Given on 8th May 1976

The Religious Approach to Disaster, Illness and Death (III)Given on 9th May 1976

What Sort of Man is the Master?Given on 21st May 1976

Karma and Other QuestionsGiven on 22nd May 1976

The Teacher-Pupil and their RelationshipGiven on 23rd May 1976

The Real WayGiven on 4th June 1976

Recurring ProblemsGiven on 5th June 1976

Mantra: Word of Power (III)Given on 6th June 1976

AttentivenessGiven on 18th July 1976

The Lightning of TranscendenceGiven on 13th August 1976

Man: A Nexus for Transcendent EnergyGiven on 14th August 1976

Silence: The WordGiven on 15th August 1976

Meaning of Meditation (I)Given on 15th October 1976

Meaning of Meditation (II)Given on 16th October 1976

Meaning of Meditation (III)Given on 17th October 1976

Meaning of Meditation (IV)Given on 26th November 1976

Brain and MindGiven on 27th November 1976

Meaning of Meditation (V)Given on 28th November 1976

Religious Living (II)Given on 7th January 1977

See Fact as Fact (In the Seeing There is Only the Seen)Given on 8th January 1977

Religiousness: Implications of Sīla and SamādhiGiven on 9th January 1977

Considering Together: Mindfulness (I)Given on 21st January 1977

Considering Together: Mindfulness (II)Given on 23rd January 1977

Doubt — and Similar ProblemsGiven on 18th March 1977

ProblemsGiven on 19th March 1977

Modes of Awareness (II)Given on 20th March 1977

LongingsGiven on 15th April 1977

Religious Longings (I)Given on 16th April 1977

Religious Longings (II)Given on 17th April 1977

VirtueGiven on 29th April 1977

“Child of the Immortal Light” (I)Given on 30th April 1977

“Child of the Immortal Light” (II)Given on 1st May 1977

Yoga (II)Given on 9th July 1977

Pain and SufferingGiven on 15th July 1977

Considering TogetherGiven on 16th July 1977

Self-Discipline: Conflict: LanguageGiven on 17th July 1977

Religious Living (III)Given on 28th October 1977

Healing the WorldGiven on 29th October 1977

“I Know, and Am, Nothing”Given on 30th October 1977

AnattāGiven on 6th January 1978

Ātman and Anattā (I)Given on 7th January 1978

Ātman and Anattā (II)Given on 8th January 1978

Mind: Psyche: Earth Meditation (I)Given on 3rd February 1978

Mind: Psyche: Earth Meditation (II)Given on 4th February 1978

Mind is Transcendence Meditating: Earth MeditationGiven on 5th February 1978

Purpose of ExistenceGiven on 10th March 1978

The Transmission: Purpose of ExistenceGiven on 11th March 1978

The Elijah-Elisha TransmissionGiven on 12th March 1978

Re-legere and Re-ligare (I)Given on 16th June 1978

Re-legere and Re-ligare (II)Given on 17th June 1978

Re-legere and Re-ligare (III)Given on 18th June 1978

Total Commitment (I)Given on 21st July 1978

Total Commitment (II)Given on 22nd July 1978

Total Commitment (III)Given on 23rd July 1978

We are Creatures of Feeling (I)Given on 18th August 1978

We are Creatures of Feeling (II)Given on 19th August 1978

Feelings: Thought: DesiresGiven on 20th August 1978

Discipline: Relationships: DifficultiesGiven on 13th October 1978

“Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself”Given on 14th October 1978

The Silence (I)Given on 24th November 1978

The Silence (II)Given on 25th November 1978

The Silence (III)Given on 26th November 1978

The Eternal SilenceGiven on 5th January 1979

The Senses as Cords of CommunionGiven on 6th January 1979

The Silence of EternityGiven on 7th January 1979

Perceiving the Life-TrendGiven on 9th February 1979

The Transformation of the SubhumanGiven on 10th February 1979

The Diamond SutraGiven on 11th February 1979

Perceptions — and the TruthGiven on 9th March 1979

Unconditioned Freedom of Mind (I)Given on 10th March 1979

Unconditioned Freedom of Mind (II)Given on 11th March 1979

Consciousness (I)Given on 6th April 1979

Consciousness (II)Given on 7th April 1979

Consciousness (III)Given on 8th April 1979

Are We Really Living the Religious Life?Given on 4th May 1979

Destiny and FateGiven on 5th May 1979

Dhamma and the Heart of ReligionGiven on 6th May 1979

The Supreme Meditative StateGiven on 6th July 1979

In the BeginningGiven on 7th July 1979

Perfect ManGiven on 8th July 1979

Timeless Conjugation (I)Given on 10th August 1979

Timeless Conjugation (II)Given on 11th August 1979

Timeless Conjugation (III)Given on 12th August 1979

Puruṣa (I)Given on 2nd November 1979

Puruṣa (II)Given on 3rd November 1979

“The Mount of the Lord”Given on 4th November 1979

Self-AwarenessGiven on 10th February 1980

The Sense of the Trend of LifeGiven on 23rd February 1980

Have We Become True Human Beings?Given on 22nd March 1980

Transcendence is Infinite and Self-ReplenishingGiven on 23rd March 1980

The New IndividualGiven on 26th April 1980

Birth and DeathGiven on 27th April 1980

The Life-Death Pulse (I)Given on 17th May 1980

The Life-Death Pulse (II)Given on 18th May 1980

The Sigālovāda Suttanta (I)Given on 5th July 1980

The Sigālovāda Suttanta (II)Given on 6th July 1980

Senses: Thinking: Purification: ĀtmanGiven on 1st August 1980

ĀtmanGiven on 2nd August 1980

Purification of the SensesGiven on 3rd August 1980

Living the Religious LifeGiven on 12th September 1980

Good MannersGiven on 13th September 1980

“Marriages Were Made in Heaven”Given on 14th September 1980

The Purpose of Religious LifeGiven on 10th October 1980

The Void (II): QuestionsGiven on 11th October 1980

Consciousness (IV)Given on 12th October 1980

Proliferation of ConsciousnessGiven on 8th November 1980

What Am I to Do?Given on 9th November 1980

Living ReligiouslyGiven on 5th December 1980

Happiness (I)Given on 6th December 1980

Happiness (II)Given on 7th December 1980

Karma (III)Given on 16th January 1981

Karma (IV)Given on 17th January 1981

Karma (V)Given on 18th January 1981

Karma (VI)Given on 13th February 1981

Karma (VII)Given on 14th February 1981

Karma (VIII)Given on 15th February 1981

The Great Teachers’ Affirmations and PromisesGiven on 13th March 1981

Love (V)Given on 14th March 1981

The PromiseGiven on 15th March 1981

The Realm of Unitary Wholeness is the Realm of SilenceGiven on 1st May 1981

Meaning and Significance of ConsciousnessGiven on 2nd May 1981

Affirmations of TranscendenceGiven on 3rd May 1981

Supreme Knowledge Belongs to Unified AwarenessGiven on 12th June 1981

The Conditioned Mind and Freedom TherefromGiven on 13th June 1981

Viññāṇa: ĀnandaGiven on 14th June 1981

“Effort” and the Religious Life (I)Given on 3rd July 1981

“Effort” and the Religious Life (II)Given on 4th July 1981

“Effort” and the Religious Life (III)Given on 5th July 1981

Why Do We Turn to Religion? (I)Given on 7th August 1981

Why Do We Turn to Religion? (II)Given on 8th August 1981

Why Do We Turn to Religion? (III)Given on 9th August 1981

Meditation (III)Given on 11th September 1981

Meditation (IV)Given on 12th September 1981

Meditation (V)Given on 13th September 1981

Meditation (VI)Given on 16th October 1981

Meditation (VII)Given on 17th October 1981

Meditation (VIII)Given on 18th October 1981

Meditation (IX)Given on 13th November 1981

Meditation (X)Given on 14th November 1981

Meditation (XI)Given on 15th November 1981

Meditation (XII)Given on 12th December 1981

Meditation (XIII)Given on 13th December 1981

Good Works (I)Given on 15th January 1982

Good Works (II)Given on 16th January 1982

Good Works (III)Given on 17th January 1982

After Twenty Years (I)Given on 12th February 1982

After Twenty Years (II)Given on 13th February 1982

The Teachers of Ancient IndiaGiven on 14th February 1982

Quietness and Silence (I)Given on 12th March 1982

Quietness and Silence (II)Given on 13th March 1982

Quietness and Silence (III)Given on 14th March 1982

The Silence (IV)Given on 16th April 1982

The Silence (V)Given on 17th April 1982

Death: SilenceGiven on 18th April 1982

The Right Use of the Senses (I)Given on 21st May 1982

The Right Use of the Senses (II)Given on 22nd May 1982

The Right Use of the Senses (III)Given on 23rd May 1982

Man and the ApeGiven on 16th July 1982

Religious Education for One’s ChildrenGiven on 17th July 1982

The Blissful CreatorGiven on 18th July 1982

Starting from the Other ShoreGiven on 11th March 1983

Infinity: Eternity: Immortality (I)Given on 12th March 1983

Infinity: Eternity: Immortality (II)Given on 13th March 1983

It is All Here-NowGiven on 15th April 1983

The WayGiven on 16th April 1983

The Death of TCHGiven on 17th April 1983

There is no BlueprintGiven on 1st July 1983

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Religious Living (IV)Given on 3rd July 1983

Religious Living is Holiness in Action (I)Given on 5th August 1983

Religious Living is Holiness in Action (II)Given on 6th August 1983

The World is a School of LifeGiven on 7th August 1983

Re-legere and Re-ligare (IV)Given on 30th September 1983

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Total Relationship (III)Given on 30th October 1983

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Unitary WholenessGiven on 6th January 1984

Living HumanlyGiven on 7th January 1984

GodGiven on 8th January 1984

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Freeing Oneself from Misconceptions and False FeelingsGiven on 11th February 1984

Something Left OutGiven on 12th February 1984

Action — Karma (I)Given on 9th March 1984

Action — Karma (II)Given on 10th March 1984

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Cleansing the PsycheGiven on 11th May 1984

Religious Living is Fully Human LifeGiven on 12th May 1984

The Evolution of ConsciousnessGiven on 13th May 1984

HarmlessnessGiven on 22nd June 1984

The Need for a New Ontology, CosmologyGiven on 23rd June 1984

The Only Solution to World ProblemsGiven on 24th June 1984

Consciousness Has to Evolve Towards Unitary WholenessGiven on 3rd August 1984

Religion in Need of RenovationGiven on 4th August 1984

Your Own PathGiven on 5th August 1984

Freedom from Fear and Sorrow (I)Given on 28th September 1984

Freedom from Fear and Sorrow (II)Given on 29th September 1984

Fear and DeathGiven on 30th September 1984

DukkhaGiven on 2nd November 1984

The Understanding of the “I” ConsciousnessGiven on 3rd November 1984

Healing the Psyche is our Personal ResponsibilityGiven on 4th November 1984

Be a Light in the WorldGiven on 7th December 1984

Being Absent from “Me”Given on 8th December 1984

Be Free of Fear and so of SorrowGiven on 9th December 1984

Each One of Us is the WorldGiven on 11th January 1985

The Spirit of Christmas — Peace, Strength, ComfortGiven on 12th January 1985

Emergence of Christ-ConsciousnessGiven on 13th January 1985

This-AllGiven on 8th February 1985

Holistic Consciousness (I)Given on 9th February 1985

Creativity of the SpiritGiven on 10th February 1985

Everything is TranscendenceGiven on 12th April 1985

What is the “Spirit” of Man?Given on 13th April 1985

Primordial Creative Energy (I)Given on 14th April 1985

Holistic Consciousness (II)Given on 17th May 1985

There is Nothing for the SelfGiven on 18th May 1985

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Being Conscious in a New WayGiven on 21st June 1985

ConditioningGiven on 22nd June 1985

Realizing TranscendenceGiven on 23rd June 1985

Realization of TruthGiven on 26th July 1985

Truth is InexpressibleGiven on 27th July 1985

Shape and FormGiven on 28th July 1985

In the Quiet, Light Steals inGiven on 21st September 1985

Consciousness is Evolving Towards Holistic ConsciousnessGiven on 22nd September 1985

Vohu ManoGiven on 19th October 1985

Perfect CommunionGiven on 20th October 1985

Holistic Consciousness and Worldly ConsciousnessGiven on 23rd November 1985

One’s Inner ConsciousnessGiven on 24th November 1985

“I Am the All-Void”Given on 14th December 1985

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Our Capacity to Receive TruthGiven on 5th April 1986

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“Choose to Live as a Child” (I)Given on 26th July 1986

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Unknowing CommunionGiven on 21st September 1986

The Consciousness of the Silent OneGiven on 25th October 1986

The Source and the GoalGiven on 26th October 1986

The Pleasure-Pain PrincipleGiven on 22nd November 1986

Being in Tune with Life’s ProcessGiven on 23rd November 1986

Finding Right FulfilmentGiven on 3rd January 1987

Eternity Subsumes All TimeGiven on 4th January 1987

Total Attentiveness (II)Given on 7th February 1987

The Unknowing “Knowing”Given on 8th February 1987

Man is a Religious BeingGiven on 7th March 1987

Our Awakening to TranscendenceGiven on 8th March 1987

You Are the TruthGiven on 11th April 1987

The Beauty of TranscendenceGiven on 12th April 1987

Moses (I)Given on 16th May 1987

Moses (II)Given on 17th May 1987

Mi and ElehGiven on 20th June 1987

You Cannot “Find” God — God Finds You!Given on 21st June 1987

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Spiritual InductionGiven on 26th July 1987

Transcendence Never Ceases CreatingGiven on 19th September 1987

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Who Am I?Given on 24th October 1987

Transcendent AwarenessGiven on 25th October 1987

Jesus’s Special MessageGiven on 5th December 1987

The Significance of Jesus’s TeachingGiven on 6th December 1987

Transcendence Realizes its Own TranscendenceGiven on 10th January 1988

“Life” and “Death” are Immortal ComplementariesGiven on 13th February 1988

Puruṣa (III)Given on 14th February 1988

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PeaceGiven on 17th April 1988

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The Container and the ContainedGiven on 13th August 1988

Primordial Creative Energy (III)Given on 14th August 1988

Time and EternityGiven on 17th September 1988

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